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A client and spouse walk together through Origami's vibrant 35 acre campus

At Origami, we strongly encourage family and friends to be active participants in the recovery of their loved one. This philosophy means that clients have the choice of inviting visitors to join therapy sessions, attend groups, and participate in family conferences. Please view our Mission, Vision and Values for more information.

We recognize that the process of recovery has challenges and can be overwhelming. We work hard to support every client and allow the opportunity to maintain their relationship as a wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, sibling, partner, or significant other. The opportunity for balance during this time of recovery is critical for the best possible outcome. Life continues outside of rehabilitation and Origami is there to help shoulder some of the stress of traumatic situations.  We can assist in helping to navigate the medical and insurance process in addition to other stressors that arise.

Clients, with potentially a guardian/representative, have the choice of inviting people to regularly scheduled family conferences. In these conferences, we discuss goals, progress, projections for how long treatment might last. We also discuss plans for the future. Clients and family are integral participants in this discussion and will be included in the process.

For an individual in our Residential Program, recovery occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For those interested in attending structured therapies they typically occur Monday–Friday between the hours of 7:00am–6:00pm.

In order to promote the balance between rest and treatment, clients will need rest during rehabilitation. We suggest these general visiting hours:

     Monday–Friday 9am–9pm

     Saturday–Sunday 9am–9pm

We understand there may be times a client may feel the need to have visitors more frequently, or to accommodate a schedule.  Please contact your Care Coordinator so arrangements can be made.

We welcome children to visit if they are free of infectious diseases. This includes runny nose, cough and fever.  Children should be properly supervised at all times.  If you are unsure if a visit is appropriate, please contact your Care Coordinator for guidance.

We ask that visitors consider all clients’ need for privacy and rest. Visitors are asked to:

  • Check in at a reception desk;
  • Knock and announce themselves before entering a bedroom;
  • Consider noise levels;
  • Consult your Care Coordinator prior to bringing in any food. Many clients require special diets for health reasons or because of swallowing restrictions. Our specialists will provide education on appropriate foods for someone on a special diet; and
  • If there are more than two visitors in your group, you may want to consider visiting with your loved one in our outdoor gardens or our community areas. If visitors are traveling from another area, we can provide information regarding local lodging that offer competitive rates for associates of Origami.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms are not allowed.  If you have other questions regarding your visit, please call us for more information.

Reaching someone staying at Origami

By Phone

Call (517) 336-6060

By Mail

Use the following address:

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Origami Brain Injury Rehab Center

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