Outpatient Program

Origami offers a wide range of treatment programs to improve the successful outcome of each individual. Our holistic approach raises the potential for recovery especially for those utilizing more than one service. Each treatment plan is customized during admission clearly defining the rehabilitation goals and potential discharge plans for each client. We have found that some individuals may benefit from a structured environment similar to a typical business day combined with support at home during hours not at our campus. This is called Full or Half-Day Treatment. Day treatment can also serve as a means of respite for the caregiver at home.

Program Admission Criteria

  • Male or Female 16 years or older with a primary brain injury* 
  • Requires retraining due to affects of injuries/disabilities
  • Medically stable, free from acute infection or fever
  • Does not require daily skilled nursing from Origami personnel while on campus 
  • Minimum Ranchos Los Amigos Level of 4/5
  • Not a danger to self or others
  • Not actively engaged in substance abuse
  • Secure funding source 

*Origami specializes in brain injury rehabilitation; however, is able to provide services to individuals with other neurological diagnoses as long as the established admission criteria are met.

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) and amputations can only be a secondary diagnosis.

Specific etiology, injury level, completeness, and co-morbidities as it pertains to SCIs are delineated based on the individual's ability to meet the program's specific admission criteria.

Program Discharge Criteria

  1. Individual has achieved a level of functional independence and/or long term goals have been achieved necessitating the discontinuation of professional rehabilitation services as deemed by the applicable service and/or treatment team
  2. Individual’s behavior is not compatible with the program goals, group activities, or may prevent the progress of other participants*
  3. Poses a risk or danger to self or others*
  4. Interruption to secure funding*
  5. Individual meets admission criteria of another program in the Origami continuum and may transition accordingly

*A discharge procedure will be followed ensuring the opportunity to access other appropriate resources